HVAC Tools

Climatic Design Conditions

ASHRAE tool allows the user to find the nearest weather station of interest and related climatic design conditions.

Psychrometric Properties

ASHRAE Dayton Chapter developed this online tool to calculate typical psychrometric state point properties.

HVAC Service Life Database

This database by ASHRAE contains the service life data for all major pieces of HVAC equipment.

ASHRAE Terminology

This online tool is a comprehensive glossary of terms related to the built environment with a focus on HVAC&R.

Air Duct Calculator

Calculates friction loss for flexible and sheet metal duct. Also, it calculates equivalent rectangular duct and more.

Condensate Pipe

Calculates the steam distribution main pipe size based on pressure drop and velocity methods.

PRV Stations: Series

Calculates the steam trap discharge line size based on condensate and flash steam flow.

PRV Stations: Parallel

Sizes the pump discharge line from a condensate pump to the downstream condensate system.

Steam Valve Cv

This tool calculates flowrate, valve flow coefficient and pressure drop for saturated steam applications.

Hot Water Valve Cv

This tool calculates flowrate, valve flow coefficient and pressure drop for sub-saturated water applications.

Steam Humidification Load

Calculates steam humidification load based on a fixed quantity of outside air intake.

Heat Rate

Converts the steam flowrate to any heat exchanger to the corresponding heat transfer rate.

Water Mixing

This tool calculates the percentage flow and actual flow of cold and hot water streams.

Steam Flow Rate

Converts any heat exchanger's heat rating to the corresponding steam flowrate.

Unit Converter

This is a conversion tool that allows unit values of different properties to be compared.

Other Tool Coming Soon!