Helping clients meet their energy challenges.

Energy Management Consulting Group (EMCG) provides building owners and facility managers with sustainable energy solutions that are cost effective and practical with tangible benefits. Our holistic approach consists of looking very closely at building envelope, lighting and HVACR systems, and other building services, and hence, provide sound recommendations that would help clients meet their energy challenges.

According to the American Council for Energy-Efficient Economy, “ The cheapest energy is the energy you don’t have to produce in the first place ”.

Where Does Your Building Energy Go?

It is very important to understand how the energy is used within a facility, and consequently, focus in areas with the greatest energy saving potentials. Below is site energy consumption by end use for commercial sector in United States of America:


As shown on pie chart, space heating, lighting, space cooling, and water heating account for 58% of commercial energy consumption.

It is absolutely important to understand that you can’t improve something that you don’t measure. Therefore, in order to manage effectively the energy consumption of any facility, in any climate zone and anywhere in the world, it is very important to understand how the energy is used by the building or process and when it is used.

EMCG always strives to target the key areas that would bring the biggest return of energy savings, thus helping clients reduce their energy consumption, and also create a comfortable and productive work environment for building occupants.

Energy Management Consulting Group has extensive design and field experience that would help clients manage their facilities energy use more effectively, and as a result, reduce significantly the cost of their utility bills and their impact on the environment.