New York City Local Law 47

Introduced in 2010 by Council Members Cabrera, Brewer, Foster, James, Lander, Palma, Reyna, Sanders Jr., Mark-Viverito, Van Bramer, Recchia, Weprin, Gennaro, Jackson, Garodnick, Fidler, Williams, Chin, Crowley, Koppell, Lappin, Levin, Rodriguez and Rose.

To amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to reducing unnecessary artificial lighting in lobbies and hallways.

Be it enacted by the Council as follows:

Section 1. Statement of findings and purpose. The Council finds that current egress illumination requirements for lobbies and hallways under the New York city building code result in the electric lighting of egress spaces that are either sufficiently lit by daylight or that are unoccupied. The Council therefore finds that energy could be saved by reducing such excessive lighting requirements for such spaces.

§2. Section BC 202 of the New York city building code is amended by adding certain definitions to be placed in appropriate alphabetical order to read as follows:

Occupant Sensor. A device that detects the presence or absence of people within an area and causes lighting, equipment, or appliances to be regulated accordingly.

Photosensor. A device that detects the presence of visible light.
§3. Sections BC 1006.1 and BC 1006.2 of the New York city building code, as added by local law number 33 for the year 2007, are amended to read as follows:

1006.1 Illumination Required. Exits, exit discharges, and public corridors shall be illuminated at all times by either daylight or electric lighting fixtures. Exit access components shall be illuminated by either daylight or electric lighting fixtures at all times [during occupancy] that the space served by the exit access component is occupied. Read more