Advisory Board Member

Mirza M. Shah, PhD, PE

Mirza ShahDr. Shah is a New York State Professional Engineer. He has been active in research, design, and analysis in many areas of mechanical engineering. These include heat transfer, fluid flow, HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, fire protection, energy conservation, and renewable energy systems.

He is well-known on national and international levels for the development of general predictive techniques for heat transfer during boiling and condensation which are widely used in the industry and are included in most reference books. His other researches include cooling of inlet air for turbines and engines, solar power plants, ice making machines, thermal energy storage, and many other applications. He has over 75 publications including research papers and chapters in engineering handbooks.

Dr. Shah has designed HVAC systems for most facilities including but not limited to power plants, schools, hospitals, laboratories, data centers, communication centers, hotels, dormitories, and apartment buildings. Many of them involved analyses and features to minimize energy consumption. For a list of selected projects, click here.

Dr. Shah is a Fellow ASHRAE, and he has been involved with various Technical committees including TC 1.3 (Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow), TC 8.4 (Air-to-Refrigerant Heat Transfer Equipment), and TC 8.10 (Mechanical Dehumidification Equipment and Heat Pipes). In addition, he is a Fellow ASME, and a member of the K-13 committee for Multi-Phase Heat Transfer. He was honored with the ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Shah has been listed in “Who is Who in Engineering”, “Who is Who in America”, “American Men & Women of Science”, and many more.

Dr. Shah obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Aligarh University in India, his Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from California State University, and his PhD from University of Sunderland in UK.

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